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HOW TO SAIL: A quick overview on what to do on the water!  From the pro!  Learn the basics of feeling and finding the wind, tacking and jibing, points of sail, right of way rules, and basic on the water fundamentals!

The Wind Tribe: A Sailing Journey of Bill Rudkin

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cruising through paradise


Our Sailing journey, videos, art  and lifestyle at our Sailing site



look out waikikiA show that gives you a passion for sailing!   To get involved with this series, contact [email protected]

On Mission Bay

On The Sea artwork $40

Hobie Cat on Mission Bay

Pretty Paddles

On the Dock

Kauai Life


Newport Living

Newport Harbor

on Potomac

HB Boys

Lights on Sail

Hanging in Malibu

A Day in La Jolla


Love San Clemente

Rainbow Sail

From Key Lime Sailing Club

Enjoying Mission Bay

From the Barefoot bar

world cup

Sunset Beach, NC


Found Paradise

norcal Sunset

Hawaiian drive

Lighthouse in Kauai

Sail from Waikiki

Paddling Out

the sun sets in Kauai

surfing waikiki

Tahitian Huts


tall ships of SD

only SD




Sailing Through Paradise


A Sailing Journey Pink Lamb Productions will take you on an exciting sailing excursion through the vast depths of the ocean to exotic locations. This will be a documentary about an adventure at sea as the captain makes memories with the production crew. This documentary will be a real life adventure and sea tale that will leave viewers wanting more. A Sailing Journey will tap into different life philosophies, the enjoyment of sailing, histories and cultures of the destination and the metaphysics of sailing. This will be a film that will make people want to get out and sail and live life to the fullest. Sailing is a passion and when doing it, a world of enchantment and meditation is found by the sailor. This will be the kind of film that anyone that has a love for life will take enjoyment from.  To be involved and have Pink Lamb advertise or market your charter/ services or for sponsorsing the series, please email [email protected]

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