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Liquid Fame… An awesome short surfing documentary. This doc shows popular local surfers from Southern California as well as commentary from and footage from the pros that they admire. Liquid Fame also has exclusive interviews with Kathy Kohner Zuckerman, the original and legendary Gidget. More to come on how you can purchase this. Feel free to contact Pink Lamb if you want it now!  $12.00

Check out the trailer at: www.flixya.com/video/3321083/Liquid_Fame



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Liquid Fame was shown and promoted at the US Open of Surfing, The East Coast Surfing Championship, and is currently on Boardstories TV/Bilibong Surf TV in Hawaii!

Liquid Fame: Staring a lot of your favorite pro surfing, including Kathy Kohner Zuckerman AKA The Original Gidget!

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Forever Tainted… What happens in Salem Massachusetts during Halloween? This spooky and entertaining documentary will take you to Salem, the witch city, during the most haunted time of the year. See what happens as Pink Lamb´s documentary filmmakers discover the haunting, real ghosts, yes-real ghosts, and the crazy witch culture that the city unveils. More to come on how you can purchase this, but please feel free to contact Pink Lamb if you want it now!  You can also purchase this instantly at: www.Paypal.com  Enter send online payment to [email protected] with the amount of $12.00.  Please contact [email protected] with correct mailing address.