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Newest BOOK

DOLLY Bakes Me Cookies!  A children book!

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Dolly, the sweet dog, saves the day by baking cookies and helping a young girl make new friends!

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Wandering Home






A Promise From A Seal

A short story of how a Navy Seal randomly finds love while sitting in beach traffic.  This heartwarming story will take you on a journey through a true undying love!  Found on Amazon for Kindle only!

The Story of the Claddagh Ring


This is Lindsay´s first romance novel, and most recent book.  It is based on a true story of how the Irish Claddagh ring came to be.  It is a heartwarming story when Michelle, a high society girl in the 1600´s, Ireland, falls in love with a fisherman, and how love triumphs over all.  For travel size/ small print it is $16.00, and wider/ regular print it is $17.00 

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Children´s books:

The Night I Walked in a Winter Wonderland: Check it out at:


A children´s holiday book about a boy adventuring into a winter wonderland

The Night I Walked In A Winter Wonderland by Lindsay Ahart (Book) in Children




Dolly Visits Mount Vernon: Check it out and at:


Dolly, the cutest puppy ever visits Mount Vernon to learn about our first president.

Dolly Visits Mount Vernon by Lindsay Ahart (Book) in Children

Dolly Visits Roses Garden:  Check it out at:  $17.00

Dolly goes to California to visit her best friend Rose. Rose Teaches Dolly all about gardening. She learns about the different tools and how to plant flowers. Dolly learns again and has a lot of fun!
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