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All jewelry is $30 from this site!

surf and custom jewels made to order!  10% of your jewel purchase will go to charity!

All jewels are made to order so please e mail with what you want! [email protected] and all surf art can be made into a jewel!

The perfect keepsake and or gift..  Send me a picture or enjoy my surf art([email protected]) and you will get an amazing homemade charm back!  All charms come with a trendy ribbon band and accent bead!

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Please look under the surf art section for your favorite design!

Tropical Colors


Love San Clemente (on leather bracelet $30)




A Day in La Jolla (with bracelet $30)



Riding Free!


Hanging in Malibu





Look under the surf art section… All surf art can be made into a Jewel!

Personalized jewels




You can pay directly at, pay to: [email protected]  and please e mail me with your shipping and order details!


Email [email protected] with shipping/ order details


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Interview with ‘Savi Coco’ Designer Lindsay Ahart (Get 10% Off Her Surf and Custom-Made Jewelry!)

(Lindsay Ahart – Designer of Savi Coco)
Savi Coco – an accessories line that consists of surf and custom-made jewels – was recently introduced to me. Specially designed and handcrafted by Lindsay Ahart (president and owner of Pink Lamb Productions), this line of artistic jewelry will definitely add the “boho” to your “chic”…without making you overspend. (I, mean, unless you want to purchase all of her incredible pieces at once that is!)
I absolutely love learning about the inspiration and goals behind a designer’s collection, so it’s with great pleasure that I can share our recent interview with you, my lovely readers. Enjoy!
Tell me about the concept behind Savi Coco. How did it come about?

I started to do surf art and beach-inspired art close to 10 years ago. I thought it would be cool and fun to turn my art into jewelry. I like adding fun sparkle pieces to accent my piece of art. One day, someone asked me if I could use one of their pictures. So I took their picture and turned it into a piece of jewelry for them. So now I do beach and personal jewels! 

(A personalized jewel!)

I love the name! Can you talk about its origin?

Savannah and Chloe…My daughters go by Savi and Coco 🙂
The So Cal vibe of your collection is awesome? Did you grow up here?

I grew up in Burbank, but went to college at San Diego State University and still have a house there…I love SD!How did you get into jewelry design?

I wanted to take my artwork to a different level so I started doing jewelry about a year ago.

(This piece is called “Surf Feeling.” Look closely to see why!)

What type of woman do you design for?

Any age or type of woman or girl that enjoys a whimsical and beachy vibe. Anyone that would like their own image turned into a charm!

If you were stranded on a tropical island, and could wear only one piece from your jewelry collection…which one would it be?

My favorite is “Tropical Bliss.” This was inspired when I was in Hawaii and takes me to that moment every time I wear it. It makes me happy!

(Lindsay’s favorite piece from her Savi Coco collection of artwork: “Tropical Bliss.” )

Any other details that you would like to share with the public – those interested in (and obsessed with!) fashion and beauty?

It is not just about beach jewelry but also the personal keepsake that I hand-make for people! Please visit my website, PinkLamb, for all details of my jewelry and creative endeavors. Besides my jewelry and surf/beach art. I am a published author and successful video producer!